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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Caleb's bus got here at 6:50am this morning! His school doesn't start until 8:15! The school is 5 minutes away. Last year he didn't get on the bus until 7:15-7:30. That was fine. This early stuff is really getting to me. We wake him up early enough but he's not interested in breakfast right away. He didn't eat anything this morning. *I emailed his teacher--she'll give him something to eat* I'm going to call the transportation office today to complain. The bus driver suggested it. She's mad, too. They don't have enough drivers and they are combining routes. You'd think they would want to keep the time on the bus to a minimum for kids with special needs. I can't complain too much because I really enjoy the extra time in the morning, but I don't want it to be at the expense of Caleb being uncomfortable. I should ask the morning drivers how he does. This morning was one of the first mornings he didn't want to get on the bus.


  1. You would think that they would come at the same time considering the kids do better with a schedule. That way they expect it. I wouldn't want to get on the bus at 6:50 either. What does the teacher say about it? Are all the kids a little off when that happens?

  2. Deanna6:54 PM

    I know this routine oh so well. Jess used to get on the bus first in the morning which is early and we too lived close to school. She would sleep for an hour. Then she was hard to wake at school. However then she was the first off in the afternoon. It has something to do with special ed kids can only be on the bus a certain amount of time. But it sounds like their issue is fewer drivers. They need to consider the disabilities. A child with autism should not have to sit over an hour on the bus as he could become easily agitated. I would definitley ask the bus driver how he does. Its not the same as a road trip with Mom and Dad.

  3. That totally bites. An hour on the bus? It's not like it's with Bus Driver Bob from the Doodlebops!!

  4. I had Caleb's IEP meeting yesterday and voiced my concerns about the bus again with the Vice Princ. there. She was appalled! Yeah! She's going to call transportation, too. Hopefully this won't last long. He doesn't like getting on the bus anymore and it makes me sad (for about 5 sec. because I know as soon as he gets on the bus he's fine).