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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Nothing like a picture of the kids to keep the grandparents happy. Eva loves to pretend to talk on the phone. She always has something up to her ear (even if it is just her hand). What a girl! I just have random things to blog about today. I guess this is no different than any other day.

1. We're buying tile to put in our kitchen. The vinyl gets scuffed beyond belief and has a hole in it.

2. In the process, I'm designing our bathroom. We won't have the time/money/etc... to do this for at least a year but it sure is fun thinking about it. Jacuzzi tub--here I come!

3. The weather has been great lately. Kind of overcast, raining. Too bad we're going on vacation to the freakin' SUN (Oklahoma) this weekend.

4. Next weekend we will be vacationing in Kansas City with Carl's aunt. His brother is coming to stay with us for a week, too.

5. I bought some really cute capris at Old Navy last weekend. They said that they had a low waist. That's okay--I've done that before, I have long shirts. Unfortunately, my shirt would have to cover my whole butt because that's as far as those low waist capris go. How in the world do people wear this stuff? I'm taking them back today.


  1. Yes, take them back ASAP!! I thought "a good washing" would help mine fit better. But no, not so much. And I bought them with birthday money too. Wah!

  2. Janet7:17 PM

    Cute shot of the kids! Eva is all girl with her phone fixation.