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Friday, August 04, 2006


I can't deny all of my fabulous blog readers the pleasure of knowing what awesome event we have going on in Lincoln right now. It's the NATIONAL FIGURE ROLLER SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS! I know, I know. If you were me, you'd be there EVERY DAY! But, alas, I could only afford one day. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures of the skating. I had one or more kids on my lap for the majority of the time. Here are the pictures I did take. Caleb did eventually take his hands off his ears. It was a good thing, too. Otherwise he would have missed the Pirates of the Caribbean music that every other skater decided to choose for her routine. I was pretty good at guessing the music based on the costumes. Red and black? Why, it's a Paso Doble! Neon w/ a flower in the hair? That's gotta be a merengue beat. There was one girl that had on an interesting outfit. Based on that, I thought her number was going to be Gladiator Disco. I was so close! It was Egyptian Disco.

Tiffany's son N was clearly amazed at the artistry.
The actual skating wasn't that impressive. Okay, I couldn't do those things. But the "best" part of it was when they would fall and Caleb would say, "Are you okay?" or "Oops!". There was a lot of falling.

Eva just wanted to walk up and down the aisles. We ended up "driving" on some of the arcade games. That was fun.
I think we were the only ones in the arena that weren't competitors or families of the competitors. I don't know why. It was totally sweet and I can't wait until the next one! If you live in this area, don't despair! You can still see them. It's $8 at the Pershing Center for just a few more days.


  1. I'll be the first commenter to brag that I went, too (as evidenced by N's presence, no one would take him out in public without me :-). I'm really glad we went. It was interesting.

    Was it worth the parking ticket?? (Did you mail mine?)

  2. It wasn't worth the parking ticket--but that's okay. I'll have to go and visit the free museum over and over to make up for it.

  3. Caleb's concern over the falls is TOO cute! That is adorable!