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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First Snow

We woke up this morning to see this outside. The snow is still coming down but I think it's too warm now for it to stick. Luckily, the streets are not so bad. Just mushy.

I was going to run all sorts of errands today. I guess I'll save them for some other day. I am going to go the Y, though. My friend, Hollie, just got a membership and we're going to meet there later today.

I have a picture of all sorts of knitting related things (and some See's candy that Connie gave us).

My little mini sweaters bring my FO total up to 35. My wavy scarf is on the right. I'm halfway done. In anticipation, we wound up some Cascade 220 into balls. The baby blue is for felted clogs to match my new rob. The pink is for a hat and mittens to be paired with the scarf. After looking outside today I decided to get a move on finishing my winter accessories and less time making little sweaters.


  1. megan downey10:31 AM

    Señora Nelson,

    I lost your email address! Guess who is getting baptized next week? Your favorite chuzma, that's who.

  2. Oh my dearest chuzmita,

    That is fabulous! I don't have your email address anymore either. If you read this comment, email me at

    I'm sad I don't live in Indiana anymore to see you take the plunge.

    Señora Nelson

  3. oh my, you have snow... i better go and buy a winter coat... Love the mini's.

  4. Oh, I love the snow picture! I want some of that here ;)