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Monday, August 14, 2006


I've been avoiding doing days 2-3 of the trip because I actually took pictures and I want to include them with the post. However, my blog time is minimal and my camera is in the other room. A trip to go get it isn't in the cards. I'm not THAT lazy. It's just that if I go out there Caleb and Eva will know where I am and even though they are perfectly content hanging out with their Dad, when they see me...chaos ensues. So, I'll try and get the vacation pics up later tonight or I might not even get to it until Wed. when Carl's brother is here.

Even I hate coming to my blog when it hasn't been updated so I thought I'd give you a little random blog about nothing. Actually, about Dancing With the Stars. This next season promises to be a doozy. Check this out! Mario Lopez--Slater from Saved by the Bell! My sister and I saw him at Santa Anita one Easter when he was there "touring" as a dancer/drummer with Kids Incorporated (one of our FAVORITE shows---wish those were on dvd!). Jerry Springer? Huh? That should be entertaining. Joey Lawrence! Whoa! I'll be getting the DVR ready for this season for sure!


  1. I don't usually watch this show, but I might start just to see Tucker Carlson dance!

  2. Deanna9:55 AM

    OK I was an avid Kids incorporated as well as Saved by the Bell..... but I did not remember Mario being on Kids Inc. But now that I am thinking about it I can't stop singing K-I-D-S were kids incorporated K-I-D-S looks like we made it were ....... you know the rest. Surprise surprise Steve never heard of it or even saw one episode....LOSER!