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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Choose to Rock

This blog title would have made more sense if you could see that I have on my CTR ring in the picture. When push comes to shove I will always "CHOOSE TO ROCK!". Ha ha. At least last night I did.
Wendy and I went to see Pat Benatar. We had a great time and want all of our blog readers to be able to experience what we did (minus all the cigarette smoke).Wendy has a magic UNL parking pass that allowed us to park less than 100 yds from the entrance. It must have been because I wore my "Optimism" deodorant.

We got there about 45 minutes early so we went to go and buy our fair food. Yes, all that for just the two of us! The corn dogs and lemon shake ups didn't last long but we took some time to work on the Texas Taters and Onion Blossom. We ate as much as we could before we caused bodily harm.

While we were waiting for the concert to start we were checking out our surroundings. We picked a sweet spot next to some real Pat Benatar fans. This lady (I think she's a lady) was rocking out all night! Check out her sweet rat tail. Her friend, another lady (pretty sure) was working the mullet action. Check out Wendy's blog later to see some other great pictures. She got one of a rocker sitting in a stroller. Some other things we saw but didn't capture on film:
1. A girl with a shirt that says "Mary is My Homegirl" and it has a picture of the Virgin Mary on it.
2. Some drunk chicks talking about their boobies. One of them had a shirt on that said "Not Everything is Flat in Nebraska". I should have asked her where she got it. ;)
3. A guy with a Pat Benatar tour shirt from 1981.
4. I know there were a lot of other things that I'm forgetting. I'm sure they'll get rehashed in the comments or over at Wendy's blog.

The first hour of the concert was taken up by some band from Norway. It could have been worse. They weren't too bad. We were just ready to rock with Pat.

She finally came out. She looked pretty sweet in a floor length black coat and black gloves! All of our pictures turned out like crap. Here's the best one from my camera.

Those lit up palm trees in the background had neon monkeys in them. Only the best for this tour.

In an effort to bring you the best concert coverage ever, we decided to take notes on the playlist.
1. All Fired Up. In our defense, we were little kids when Pat Benatar was at her peak and we only knew her most popular songs.
2. Shadows of the Night. See? Here we go. A song we know! I called Carl so he could get a taste of Pat Benatar goodness.
3. Wide Awake in Dreamland. When is she going to sing Love is a Battlefield? We're ready to dance!
4. Invincible. I do alright with the chorus.
5. True Love. Wishing I had a chair.
6. We Live for Love. Wondering when we're going to rock again.
7. We Belong. Here we go! I call back Carl so I can get the chorus taped to my answering machine. Too bad it sounded like crap when I played it back because in real life we ROCKED!
8. Let's Stay Together. Let's get back to some good songs is what I say!
9. Hell is for Children. Is she really singing Hell is for Children? Are those the right words? Yep. They are.
10. Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Classic. When I was little we had this Summer Fun tape and it had this song on it. That was an awesome tape. I miss it.
11. Heartbreaker. That's two sweet songs in a row! Now that I'm older, this is probably my favorite Pat Benatar song.
Is it over? Where is she going? Man, we gotta do the clapping thing so she'll come back out and do Love is a Battlefield.
12. Promises in the Dark. Not a bad song, just not the one we want to hear. Wendy's dying to break out her flippin' sweet dance moves.
13. LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. Need I say more? Just one more thing. You can't beat a good funnel cake for dessert!


  1. That is HOT! I am so jealous. I agree, I do like Heartbreaker but I must say Love is a Battlefield is my fave. Thanks for the play-by-play action. I did kinda feel like I was there.

    You guys ROCK!
    LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD! I still kinda know that dance she did in the video. I used to have the whole thing memorized.

  2. whoa, look at that face I'm making in my Battlefield pose. I could so be one of the dancers in that video!!

  3. Hahaha....remember how that dance looked like the African dance that Patrick Dempsey did in Can't buy me Love? After that movie I really can't see how people think he is so hot. He was such a DORK!

    Ok, I'm done, but yes wendysue; you could totally be one of those dancers. All you need is the ripped up clothes, a can of hairspray, and some leggings. CHOOSE THE ROCK! CHOOSE THE ROCK!

  4. Thanks for the great coverage. It looks like it was a great time. I'm so bummed I missed out. And I missed a good looking funnel cake too.