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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last Day of School

Is it already June? Holy moly. Caleb went to his last day of preschool (for this school year, at least) today. Last night they had a little picnic at the park and gave certificates to the kids that were moving on to kindergarten. Caleb has two more years to go at this preschool and I can only imagine what kind of progress he is going to make. It was only 7 weeks ago that he started at this school and I can already see a big difference.

Caleb had a hard time sitting still during the graduation portion of the picnic. Eva just wanted to be a part of it all and kept walking right into the middle of everything. She's such a cutie that I think everyone was okay with it. It was a pretty low-key event.
The teachers told me how Caleb has a best friend at school. It's Spencer. He wasn't at the party. But, that's okay because Spencer goes to our church. They don't see each other much at church (Spencer is already out of Nursery) but I had a good idea they hit it off. I can see a bunch of playdates in my future for this summer. He lives about 5 blocks away from us and I like his mom (so that's a plus).

I've got another sample conversation from Caleb using his ever expanding preschool skills.

Caleb: Juice?
Me: Can you ask me nicely?
Caleb: Can I have some juice please?
Me: Yes!
Caleb: Thank you for asking so nicely. Thank you for asking so nicely. Thank you for asking so nicely. (repeat until he gets his juice) Thank you Mommy. Say, "You're welcome, Mommy".
Me: You're welcome.

He is also very much into: 1-2-3 Pass It! He'll take a toy and say "1-2-3 Pass it" and then give it to either myself, Carl, or Eva. Then, he'll quickly say it again as many times as he needs to get it back to himself. Then, he's done playing 1-2-3 pass it.

Caleb also sings a bunch of songs from school. After they're done playing they sing a song to talk about what everyone did during play time. They sing, "_____,_____ Where'd you play?"
Caleb sings that for every single kid in his class and then adds all of us at home. Mommy, mommy, where'd you play?

They also sing a song about what kids are wearing that day. Example: Spencer wore his Spiderman shoes, his spiderman shoes, his spiderman shoes, Spencer wore his spiderman shoes to school today.

Now that we don't have school to keep us occupied in the morning...I see a lot of this in our future. The kids not dressed, Caleb and Eva rocking themselves in the recliner, and me wondering how the heck I'm going to entertain these two wild ones all summer. Any suggestions?


  1. ugh. The boredom of summer for kids. I can already hear it ringing in my ear. . .MOM, I'm bored!!

  2. I have an idea, it concerns a big red car...

  3. how neat! i'm so glad that he's improved! ok... so for the summer i was pondering the same thing for my two. i think maybe one BIG thing a week like a blues clues lunch where you hide the ingredients for a picnic lunch and have them find them...
    or a scavenger hunt for the backyard finding fun things.
    there's also sprinkler fun, swimming, playing on the swingset, planting a garden, watching the flowers/plants grow, making a weather chart each day writing/drawing a pix of what the weather was that day. doing a obstical course in the back yard to tire the kiddos out. water balloon fights, coloring with chalk on the driveaay/sidewalk, playing hopscotch, putting on a play for daddy, i'm just writing what came to mind when reading your blog. i hope that gets your juices flowing.

  4. just wanted to say sorry for all my horrible spelling in that last comment!