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Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Job

A couple of months ago I posted about the desire to make money. I had an idea of something I wanted to do but I wasn't totally sure about it. The timing didn't seem right. Here's some background information...

About 5 years ago I got this silly notion that I wanted to open a bead store. I know very little about beading in general and making jewelry. My main experience came from a little shop on Campus Corner in Norman, OK called The Beadery. I would go there when I was an undergrad to make jewelry. I even made my mom this really cool beaded watch. Probably my best work to date. When we moved to Lafayette, IN there wasn't a store like that anywhere and I just knew that town needed one. So, I dreamt up my store. I named it The Queen Bead. Oh yeah, can't you just see it? I knew I would never really be able to open a bead store (especially with Carl in grad school and knowing we weren't going to be there forever). But, thinking about it made me really happy.

In Indiana, I was a school teacher. High school Spanish. SeƱora Nelson. Yep, that's how I paid the bills. I also was the queen of Pampered Chef on the side (to pay for Eva's adoption). I think I did a pretty good job at both of those things.

I've been in Lincoln for a year now and I'm starting to feel a little settled (especially now that we have a house). Four months ago I requested information from a company that met most of my criteria (work from home, crafty, cute products, business support). I got it and put it away. I wasn't quite ready. I am now.

Bead Retreat is a company that does in home beading classes. I will be the first coordinator in the area. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good thing? If I stick with it, I'll be the queen bead retreater in Lincoln. Bad thing--no local support. Here are the things I was concerned about initially.

1. This isn't the kind of thing that people with real beading skills will want or need. You can't design your own jewelry. But, how many people out there really have those skills? They wouldn't really be my customers anyway.

2. They sell kits. To someone like me, this is definitely a good thing. I love to make things myself but I like to follow a pattern. If I had to make up my own jewelry designs, I'd flip out. So, for people like me...this is a good thing. I'm wondering, how many people are really like me?
3. You have to pay to come to a class. For someone to host a bead retreat, your friends have to pay a class fee plus the cost of the bracelet (or whatever is chosen to be made---you get to choose, I like that). You can avoid the class fee by bringing a friend or hosting your own and I think there are ways that I can discount it...but it's still a cost. It would cost each person around $15-20 to attend a class. It would have to be something I really wanted to learn how to do or make to get me to pay that.

Overall, I think it's something that I'm really going to like to do. Carl is really supportive. He's the one that actually talked me into going for it. I think he's tired of me whining about not having something I can do to make money.

I need to have 4 classes set up before I sign up. I already have 2 scheduled. I'm coming to Oklahoma in August and I'll be in Nebraska...forever. You can also look at the catalog and just order without attending a retreat. Any takers?

It's not The Queen Bead, but it's close.


  1. Where in Oklahoma are you coming? I've got friends and family in Norman AND Tulsa, but I'm not sure how much interest I can drum up in either place. Still, this sounds great! Let me know if/how I can help.

  2. Janet8:07 PM

    Boy, do you have my attention. I hope I can wangle some time this summer to try something.

  3. Melessa-I'll be in both places so if you can get enough people interested, I'd love to do it...either place. My dad still lives in Goldsby so I'll always have a reason to come down there, too.

    Janet-I actually thought of you when I heard of this company. Isn't this what you were wanting? A kit or something so you could make your own? There are a couple of things in the catalog I think you'll like.

  4. you go woman! i'm like you i like patterns! even though i usually wander off the path and end up with something totally different. it sounds to me like the scrapbooking shows. where you pay. you could do classes at a local community center, or library, or Y or even do birthday parties for people. or maybe even work something out with a local kids place... there are so many possibilites! off to check out the linkage!

  5. Christy-
    I would probably do better back here in Goldsby. I have my grandparents, my aunt, and a couple of female cousins there; but I'm not sure how into jewelry they are. I forgot about your dad living here-how silly am I?

  6. I can't wait to attend one of your parties! Can I borrow $15?

  7. Of course, Lisa! I'll trade you jewelry for haircuts. Sound good?

  8. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I bet it's a good time for beads now, with all that boho fashion stuff going on. (note: I got the term "boho" from my fashionista sister, I don't actually have much fashion sense). I've seen some beadish looking jewelry in some stores lately.

    Good luck.