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Friday, June 23, 2006

Still Counting

It's 10:45pm and Caleb is outside of my room right now playing his guitar. I shouldn't have let him take a nap. He got to sleep in the afternoon and I didn't so I've been going at this since 5:30am. Crap. He just peed in the hallway.
Well, I got that taken care of. I guess now he might not pee in his bed tonight. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

I've been trying to get him to bed since 9pm. I'm pooped. I know that Eva's going to wake up at the crack of dawn . If Caleb gets up before 9am tomorrow I'm going to make sure my next girl's weekend is a 2 week vacation. I'm glad I'm blogging about this so I can show it to him later when he asks for privileges. Prom? Sorry kiddo. Remember when Daddy was in FL and you pooped and peed all over Mommy and her new house? Remember how you got up super early and stayed up late? You can't be trusted. No prom for you.

26 hours to go.


  1. Mark says that sounds like the soup nazi. Oh, do I feel for you! I wish I could do something to give you a break. Long distance grandparenting leaves something to be desired.

  2. I'm weeping for you. Rope and duct tape won't hurt too much ?? I hope he is still sleeping as I type this (7 AM, Saturday Morning) and I hope you are still sleeping, too. You deserve something nice when Carl gets back!

  3. I got up at 6:30am to the sounds of my lovely daughter (screaming like a banshee). She didn't wake up Caleb and I gave her a bottle. She fell asleep not long after that but the damage had been done. I couldn't go back to sleep. At least I've got some quiet time this morning. And, I SHOWERED! Wahoo.

  4. What if Caleb wants Mckenzie to go to prom with him...hahahaha.

    By the way, you were right about the cucumbers. New leafs have sprouted and I think it's gotten stronger, lots of blossoms too.

    Are you ready for yoga on Tuesday???

  5. Hollie- I just bought my yoga mat! I got it at Walmart for $9 (since nobody was giving them away on freecycle).

  6. Hollie- forgot to add: I don't think you'd want Mckenzie to go to the prom with someone that poops and pees on everyone and shows such blatant disregard for the respect of his mother! ha ha