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Friday, June 23, 2006

Counting Down

There are lots of things I miss when Carl is away. I thought I'd make a list.

1. Nobody to pick up dead rabbits. The neighbor kid, Brandon, comes by EVERY DAY to ask me for jobs to do so he can make money. He might not ask me anymore because I finally gave him one! He made $1.26 and a brownie to pick up the dead rabbit that was in our backyard.

2. Usually the only way I can make it through the day without having a mental breakdown is knowing that Carl will be home at 5:30pm. It's hard for me to keep my cool when I know he won't be home until 1 am Sunday morning. Only 42 more hours to go!

3. It's not fun watching my nighttime tv alone. Caleb doesn't laugh at my jokes. Carl and I would have had lots of laughs watching Master of Champions. Didn't anyone else waste an hour of their lives last night by watching that piece of junk?

4. It's 7:30am (as I type this---I have a feeling I'm going to have to save it and finish it later since Caleb is climbing on me right now). Normally, at 7:30am the grownups are awake and the kids are asleep. Caleb has been up for 2 hours already and Eva just barely went down for a nap. It's been a long morning and I don't think I'm going to get a shower unless I go to the Y. I guess I'm going to the Y today.

5. One thing I don't miss about having Carl gone is being able to sleep with the fan on all night. Carl gets too cold but I usually get too hot during the night and wish it was on. I also get to spread out and take up the whole bed if I want to. Good stuff.

I can't think of anything else and I'm really getting beat up right now. Caleb's teacher said to make him wait for things (like playing on the computer). I don't know if she realizes how many bruises and fat lips I get by having him wait. Sometimes it's just so much easier to give him his way. Not this time. This is my computer time. He can deal. I think he can wait two more minutes for me to check my email.

42 hours to go.


  1. oh i hope things start looking up! i hate it when my dh is away!

  2. Hey, I'm glad to hear that Master of Champions was bad. . .Matt was sad that I forgot to tape it. . .drat that dumb vcr, I so need my dish tv and DVR.

    Whad'ya think of Big Brother?

  3. Janet4:50 PM

    Hang in there. I know you feel outnumbered. The Y sounds like a good idea.

  4. You can make it to Sunday... you are almost there. (I know, it probably doesn't seem like it right now) If you want, you can bring the kids over and Jonzy can try and wear them out for you.

  5. Master of Cham. was crap. I want that hour back as well. But I like how honest Oksana was, it was more fun to watch her face watching the show than watch the performers.