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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Little Yogi

Yesterday we walked to the library and back. That wasn't enough of a workout for me so I had this grand idea that today, I would try yoga. The only yoga I've ever done before was on a dvd from the library. A dvd for kids. I didn't finish it.

There is a group of ladies that get together at the church on Tuesdays for a yoga class. It's taught by a real yoga instructor. I went with Hollie. She actually rode her bike to the church. I hope she made it home okay. Are you home, Hollie?

We had never been before and didn't have yoga mats. The teacher got kind of miffed at us and said we should invest in them if we are going to keep coming. Well, gee lady, let me get through one class first. It started out easy enough. I learned how to style. Woohoo. Then she made us, like, bend and stretch. Anybody want to see pictures of a fat lady doing yoga? I didn't think so. Here's one of Caleb. He actually did pretty well.

There were some things I wasn't able to do because of my wrist. It's still hurting from my competitive knitting injury. Granted, it doesn't hurt like it used to but I can't really put a ton of weight on it (specifically, my ton of weight). Caleb took over during that portion of class. I tried to keep Eva occupied (she kept escaping from the gym since she can open the doors herself now). As soon as I got out the camera, she forgot the doors and ran to be right in front of me. What a ham.

Here's another picture of my little yogi doing downward facing dog (or something like that).
To be honest, I think yoga is okay. I think this now in retrospect because right after the class I was pretty sure I was never coming back. Now that I've had several hours for the pain to set in, I kind of like it. I like the feeling of a good workout. I'll go back. I'm not quite ready to invest in a yoga mat (I asked for one on but I'll give it a fighting chance. Next week I'll take my wrist brace and ibuprofen. That should cover it.

Yesterday a walk, today yoga...I wonder what I'll do tomorrow?

*In other news, Carl's leaving for his "guys" weekend tomorrow and will be gone until Saturday. Actually, it's a work conference at Amelia Island, FL. I'm sure he'll have fun but I'll be home alone with the kids! Aargh! Should be fodder for some "fun" blog posts.


  1. Holy Crap, every muscle in my body hurts. Did you realize it was a 90min class?

    Yes, I do have a new appreciation for Yoga now. That kicked my booty. Especially with the teacher saying, "Hollie move your foot, Hollie you're doing it wrong". At first it was annoying, but I think I needed it. I ended up liking her a lot at the end. I'll be back.

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Oh my golly gosh, your kids are dang so cute that I can't contain myself right now. I love it! What a smile that girl has.

    BTW, did you see Supernanny on Monday? There was a family with 4-year-old twin girls and an autistic 3-year-old boy. They brought in a specialist and she made a picture chart/schedule of the boy's day for him. It reminded me of you cause you said you showed Caleb pictures of shopping carts and stuff.


  3. Hey, Caleb is really good at that stuff, but I will say that I love Eva's smile the most. Little cheeseball. . .love it.

  4. I didn't like yoga when I first tried it either. It didn't feel like a workout, but then the next day it was obvious it was a workout. What can be better than a workout that doesn't feel like a workout????

  5. Janet4:51 PM

    Love those pictures! Go, kids!