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Thursday, June 01, 2006


We're watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee tonight. In my family, I was the speller (aka the biggest nerd in the Charlton family). I remember my grandma calling me once to spell something for her. I wasn't very old and I'm pretty sure she wasn't doing that just to make me feel good. Most of you know that Carl is pretty smart (and not just because he married me). He's a freakin' genius. It's been really fun watching the spelling bee with him. He gets so proud of himself when he can spell the words correctly. I've been teasing him a little bit by reminding him that middle schoolers are spelling these words and he has a little bit of an advantage by having a PhD and being more than twice their age. I remind him of the same things when he is incorrect and they get them right. Just a little family fun...Nelson style.

Giocoso. Just one of the words I got right and Carl missed. Ha ha sucker. Who's the genius now, Dr. Nelson????

1 comment:

  1. oh i know that one Mrs Nelson!!!!
    i am a horrible speller! never ever call me to spell a word.