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Sunday, June 18, 2006


For the first time ever, I have a garden. I've never considered myself the kind of person that could garden. But, now that we have a house...I feel encouraged and somewhat obligated to try it. We have major bunnies in our neighborhood and I'm not so much for digging around in the dirt so I am starting with a container garden on the deck off of our master bedroom.

In the containers from left to right we have planted: Back row-- bell peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins/radishes (in one container), jalapeƱos/hungarian wax peppers, salad mix, sweet potato
Front row---carrots, rosemary, basil/lemon balm, oregano/garlic chives/lavendar, pansies.

I used some of the garlic chives today in my mashed potatoes. Yum-O!

The wax peppers look pretty good but I think I'm going to wait until they turn red and then dry them and make powder. At least for the first one or two.

I noticed my bell peppers are starting to come out! How cute is that?
I don't want to forget that it's Father's Day today. Carl bought himself an mp3 player. I worked really hard to get the kids to cooperate and not make a total mess for this garden stone. We had a few problems with the "ers". Can you tell? ha ha. The handprints came out okay which is all I'm really worried about. Caleb was excited that we made an octagon (only his most favorite shape). All in all it's been a good day. I should probably call my dad now.
Happy Father's Day to all you dads and dads to be out there!


  1. Janet5:50 PM

    Go, Carl and Christy! Good start on the garden. Who's in charge of it, or do you both tend the plants? I"m sure Carl will appreciate the garden stone.

  2. love your garden! i'm jealous! those are great too you can bring them in when it's too cold! the stone is great!

  3. I'm in charge of the garden...and I love it! Caleb helps me water the plants every day. It's been a lot of fun so far.

  4. Fab. garden. . .the bunnies would chop mine to pieces (at least that's my excuse.)

    Love the stepping stone. We do handprints on a shirt every year. Whitney was not loving it. I was pretty much smashing her hand to bits to get it open to put it on the shirt.

    Good luck with the garden!!

  5. looks good. Better than mine. I think my cucumbers are dying.

    I ran into Carl Sunday and he said he was sorry for messing up our day. That was pretty funny. He said, "all I wanted to do was stay home and I thought Christy would be happy with the help".................hahahaha

  6. Your garden is too cute!!! I love the stepping stone too... what a great idea.

  7. You are amazing.