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Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy Weekend

Our weekend started on Friday since Caleb was finally out of school. I spent most of the day trying to keep them occupied. I bought some play-do the other day and decided to break it out. It was a big hit. In the afternoon, we needed an outing. Once Eva woke up from her nap, we went to the Children's Museum. I usually avoid going there by myself because Caleb and Eva like to run in different directions and I'm only one person. But, they actually did really well and it was promising that I'll be able to do this more often.

Caleb and Eva love the water tables. Caleb played with most of the toys appropriately. Eva, is more concerned with eating and drinking at this stage in her life.

They also had a really good time at the piano. They really could have just done this at home, but we don't have the cool sunglasses to put on.
After the museum, we met Carl at Chipotle for dinner. Most of you know how Caleb loves lemons. He can eat them down to the rind without even a pucker. Eva tries.
After Chipotle, we walked over to the Lied Center for their Free at 6pm series. It was a steel drum band. It didn't hold their interest so we left after 3 songs.

The next day we went to the 150th anniversary of the handcart trek in Kearney, NE (about 2 hours away). It was quite boring. Carl sang in a choir (they sounded great). I was glad to come home.

I hope I can make it through this next week. Should be exciting. We're getting rid of Caleb's diapers today. No more! In PFA news, I lost all of my Breckenridge weight so now I'm back to pre-girl's weekend form. This week should be better. I think that's about it for today (I did have a longer post written and just before I uploaded the pictures, Eva pushed the power button---the auto recovery had only saved half--bummer!).


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    That picture of Eva eating the lemon is so great! Good job losing your girls weekend weight. I've been very bad lately thanks to Costco. You inspire me.


  2. Thanks for blogging again, I was going through Christy withdrawal for a minute there...

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Thanks for the pictures

  4. Wait, is that Elton John playing the piano? Oh, nope, it's Caleb. . but a really cute and cool Caleb.

  5. Janet9:52 PM

    I Loved the picture of Eva eating lemons! Priceless! I must admit you have hooked me. I check your blog every day, and I'm so disappointed when there's nothing new. (No pressure here.) Good luck with crowd control this summer. It is a challenge, but it's the best thing you could be doing. Ask Carl about oobleck. They may be just a bit too young, but it would be fun. Caleb may do well with it. And, no, it is not a method of getting him immobilized up to his elbows!