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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Doo Doo Duty

Caleb's diapers went bye bye for good after Sunday night. It hasn't been easy. In the past two days he's only used the potty twice. But, there is no going back. We have to do this. I want him to be potty trained before he goes back to school next year.

On Monday night, we went out to eat. He did great. No accidents. But, as soon as we came home he peed on my computer chair and pooped in his pants. Fabulous. I've done so many loads of laundry these past two days and have changed so many pairs of underwear that I may as well be changing diapers. I'll be so glad when he's done.

I'm actually doing much better this time around. I'm more committed to make sure he gets trained. Plus, he looks like such a big boy in his underpants! He's very much into airplanes and he has some airplane underwear. It hasn't been a big enough motivator to keep them clean but it has helped when I'm trying to put them on him.

So, that's the big news around here. I'm up to my eyeballs in doo doo and there's nothing I can doo doo about it.


  1. You have my sympathy. Toilet training was not my favorite thing. Neither was training four drivers. Why do learners have such a lead foot??!

  2. I've been there and done that. My son didn't stop doodooing in his underwear until 3 days before his 4th birthday. He's 12 now and he does just fine.

    This time will pass! Just keep on doing what you are doing and it will get better.

  3. Here's the quote Jason's Mom told me to repeat over and over during potty training:

    Never, never, never give up!

    I repeated that for about 6 months so you have my sympathy.

    She also told me to do it for at least two weeks straight before even thinking of doing it another time. Of course, by then you've already committed so much emotionally that it would be hard to give up... You can do it!

  4. I'm pretty determined this time around! I realize that if I don't do it now, there won't be a better time. I don't want him to go to kindergarten in diapers!

  5. How are you holding up?
    You can do it!
    Never Never give up!