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Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm not feeling well. All I want to eat is some chocolate. This is kind of out of character for me because usually I'd go for something else like bread or pizza (I love carbs). But, right now it's a real shame (or a blessing) because I don't have any fattening treats around (darn weight watchers) and I really need a Twix.

Just because I want one doesn't mean that I need it. Please people that live around here...don't feed the fat girl! I just need to whine about it, that's all.

I'm off to eat a big bowl of salad with as much dressing as I can handle. I've got to do something wild!


  1. I could use a little chocolate too... maybe it has something to do with potty training. I'm busy cleaning up crap around the house too.

    I feel your pain. Hang in there, it will get better.

  2. It has A LOT to do with potty training. I hate poop...especially when it's not mine.

  3. Just make sure it's Ranch dressing, it's like crack for us Harpers!