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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Count Your Blessings

We just made it back from church. If you're unfamiliar with the LDS church, you should know that we meet for 3 hours. The first hour is our main meeting all together, next we have a Sunday School where we break up for classes (I teach 12-13 yr. olds, Carl teaches new members/visitors, and Caleb goes to the nursery...3 more months before Eva gets to go!), and the third hour I meet w/ the women and Carl meets w/ the men. Fun times. Really. I love it. However, 3 hours is a long time to Caleb and I was worried about the potty training. Guess what? No accidents today. He made it through the whole 3 hours without peeing and/or pooping in his pants. Woohoo!

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