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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ipoddy Goodness

When Carl switched over my computer to the "new and improved" one he built, he left all of my music on the hard drive of the other one. It wouldn't have been a big deal but I erased all of the songs off of my ipod. It was an accident. Anyway, I needed to have some good tunes so I could start taking my walks again and get back into going to the Y regularly (we had a break for potty training--which is going better, btw). I started to upload my cds from my collection into itunes. *if anyone is planning on getting me a gift anytime soon, an itunes gift card would be awesome...I'm sure Carl would love one for his birthday on July 6th (the big 3-0!)* Between Carl (the music junkie) and myself (former cd queen and dj of the ultra hip singles dances), we have a lot of music. It's just not current. I don't remember the last cd I actually purchased. But, going through our collection was pretty sweet. I can't believe all these songs that I love.

1. Mercury Falling. Sting. This cd was one that we used to listen to before we were married. Good for kissing.

2. Am I the only one that's a sucker for this guy? He doesn't have a mullet anymore but he always will in my head when I'm working out to Satisfied. Right Here Waiting and Angelia made it to my "knitting" playlist.

3. Did I know that there were so many songs that I liked by Bryan Adams? Summer of '69, All for Love, Run to You, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, etc... You know you love them, too.

4. Beautiful Day isn't the only song I have of U2's. Remember this one? I didn't either until the other day.

5. Another Night. You might have to click on the audio link to remember this one.

I have more and more I could list but for now I think I've reached my limit. Caleb is another music afficionado and is begging to hear "Computer Lazy Town"--which equals radio. Lucky me!


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