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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Survivor Socks

My May socks are done for the Sock-A-Month knit along. They were made with a toe-up pattern (that I wasn't good at...need to practice) and Lorna's Laces yarn in the colorway Flames. The yarn is really nice to work with and it feels great on my feet. I named these my Survivor Socks (and I'll probably wear them for every Survivor episode from now on---unfortunately I have to wait a while for that!). I was working on them during this season's finale and it just seemed so appropriate with them being Flames.

I don't have a lot of time to blog today. I've been busy baking like Martha. I got her baking cookbook and I've wanted to try a lot of the recipes. But, I didn't want to do them unless I had other people to share them with. I can't be eating 6 point cookies all day! Anyway, book group is at my house tonight so those of you that are better be hungry! Sugar Cookies, Cheesecake Thumbprints, homemade cinnamon chips and Apple Berry Salsa (Pampered Chef recipes) await you! Oh yeah, raspberry lemonade to drink.


  1. i like our socks! i totally knew that aris was going to win. i told my DH if she took terry she may have a chance. i really was rooting for him to win. we'll see how amazing race turns out tonight! i love those 2 reality shows. some of the weight watchers cook books have cookie recipes. i think on their website you can sometimes find them.

  2. whoops i meant your socks.. not our.. i'm such a dork

  3. I love the Amazing Race, too! I'm so glad the hippies won. They deserved it!

  4. Darla8:51 AM

    Did you read that Richard Hatch from the 1st survivor was sentenced to 51 month in jail for tax evasion.

  5. Yep, Mom. I saw it. How stupid can he be? Millions of people saw him win that money...the least he could do was pay the taxes! Couldn't talk his way out of that one!
    Jeff Probst made fun of him on the after show once Aras won this season. He said, "Make sure you pay those taxes!".

  6. Wow -- I want to be in your book group! I promise I'll read the book every month if it means I can have those refreshments.

  7. Anne, I wish you could be in my book group! Chances are, though, you won't be moving to Nebraska any time soon, right?

    FYI: We read Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn (I can't recall if I mentioned that in my post)