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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I'm still finding things around the house that we don't really want. Lucky for me, I joined Freecycle. They have groups all over the nation so I'm sure if you're interested, you can find one in your neighborhood. Here's how it works (at least our Lincoln group):
1. You post an email with the things you want to give away.
2. In minutes (depending on how good your stuff is), people start responding with offers to come and pick it up.
3. You choose which person you want to receive your items and arrange for them to pick it up.
4. Your stuff is miraculously GONE!

In the past few days I have gifted a computer desk, a dresser, a box of old books, and a laundry hamper. All were spoken for within minutes of posting. It's awesome.

I told Carl about the site but I'm not going to let him join because I have great fears that he will go and pick up almost anything that is offered, whether we need it or not. He is finally admitting he has a problem but he's just not quite ready to do anything about it yet. We did have some minor victories--I was able to throw out old tithing settlement sheets from 1999 and a lease to a house we lived in a couple of years ago.


  1. Deanna3:01 PM

    Christy - I love freecycle here in Lafayette. I have gifted everything from bricks, tile, sand and of course baby clothes. It is amazing how fast the responses are. I have recieved baby formula and picked up many items just to donate to the crisis pregnancy center. It is so awesome! Steve would say the key is to give away and never take.... Although he did nit mind five unopened packages of colored ink for our color printer.... :) Deanna

    We move Friday sorta and luckily I have a laundry chute that empties into a cabinet in the laundry room... I am going to sort and then toss a load down...

  2. This would be like heroin to Carl.

  3. I've given away stuff on Freecycle, but forget ever getting anything here in the OKC Metro. I don't sit around waiting for posts. I mean who are these people that can respond instantly and come to your house the same day!! Sometimes within the hour! It's amazing. A coworker got rid of a nasty, titleless mobile home that was on some land she bought. Freecycle--it is a great service to get rid of stuff through.