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Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day (belated)

I got my first "real" Mother's Day present this year. Caleb made it for me at preschool. I absolutely love it!

Eva had a good time yesterday eating some dang quesadillas (Mary you should get this, now that you've seen Napolean Dynamite). They are her new favorite food.

PFA Update: kind of lame. I had a horrible week. Let's just say Fuddruckers+Skeeter Barnes+Tostitos+Ice cream. I didn't gain back all that I lost last week so that's good. But, I definitely have to kick it up a notch this week.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you-that gift is adorable and so are the kids.

  2. Quesadillas are the best food ever made! I don't know how I can possibly know that...

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Thanks for posting the pictures. My mother's day is complete now.

  4. Darla2:01 PM

    I went out to Tiffany's blog and wanted to leave her a message about her wash cloth. She can be proud. I treasure my pink one that I made in my 50th year at your house. Any way you could not post without being a maybe you could pass my thoughts on to her.