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Monday, May 01, 2006

All Night Long

We got to bed at a reasonable hour last night but for some reason the kids decided it would be "fun" to wake up at 3:30am. Not only did they wake up, they were WIDE AWAKE for 2 hours. Not fun. Especially since we get up at 6:30am around here so we can get Caleb off to pre-school. I had no guilt waking him up this morning. I told him that I'm the boss around here that decides when people go to sleep and wake up. That showed him! :) I'm so going to be paying the price for his crankiness this afternoon. Eva's still asleep and Carl is taking a little nap right now. Luckily, his classes are over for the semester so he doesn't have to be there right at 8am this morning. If I could go back to sleep, I would. Instead I'm busy browsing the internet and trying to forget that I still have A LOT of unpacking to do around here. At least we are done done done with the other house!

Speaking of the other house...I love my Hoover Agility SteamVac. It was so awesome! The carpets looked great. It was nice to sit on them and have them not feel crunchy (the joy of toddlers). We'll be able to keep the carpet in our new house looking nice!

Another aside...I've been knitting! It hasn't been a lot so I didn't think it was really worth mentioning. But, I'm making a scarf of my own design for Hollie. We bought the yarn at the end of last year so she could learn to knit. She did a great garter stitch scarf for a while and then she decided knitting wasn't for her. Too bad because that garter stitch looked SWEET for a beginner (and I'm not just saying that because she reads this blog). At the garage sale last weekend she gave me the yarn and I decided it still needed to be a scarf for her. Anyway, the yarn is this great wool/cotton blend from JoAnn in a light green. As soon as I find my camera, I'll post a picture.


  1. Like the new look of your blog. Glad to hear you are settling into the new house. Hope to see you at Knitting Group soon!

  2. OUCH! Wide-awake kids in the middle of the night is NO FUN! Did one wake the other? Hang in there. I hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.