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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Line Up

Caleb has been really good lately. Preschool is helping him out immensely and I've been getting some good skills (bo staff and numchuk, mainly). To reward his good behaviors, Caleb gets to play on the computer. His favorite sites are and He can navigate those sites like a pro and find his favorite things to do on there (counting w/ the count, shapes w/ Zoe, Lazy Town songs). The other day, Caleb was done with the computer and came downstairs to play with me. The next time I came to use the computer, this is what I found. He had lined up all of the desktop icons. You will find all sorts of lines around this house. Teletubbies lying all in a row (he turns them over when they are taking naps), blocks, pretzels, etc... His therapist said that we should try and disrupt his line making sometimes to make him understand that things can be in different places and he doesn't have control over everything. She said that it's probably a good thing he has Eva to help him with that as long as she can handle what Caleb will do once she messes with his lines. (Note to self: get Eva bo staff lessons)

1 comment:

  1. The desktop line-up cracks me up. His computer savvy and powers of observation amaze me.