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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Love Jell-O

After weeks of not seeing any progress on the scale, I joined Weight Watchers online. I'm still in my free trial week but I know I've been dropping some pounds. I'm doing the points system--which I've had success with in the past. There are some notable changes that are making me believe that I'll actually be able to stick with this program for the long haul. You get 35 extra points to spread out over the week however you see fit. Before you had a range to hit (say 24-27 points a day) and now you just have a set number (24). In the previous system you could "bank" those points you didn't use and use them when you needed them during the week. The way they do it now makes more sense to me. If I'm good during the week, it won't matter that one day I spend 19 out of my 24 points on one Chipotle burrito or 24 points on a Cold Stone ice cream. In fact, those things aren't really so tempting right now when I know that they would deprive me of using my points other ways (like on bread!). This also makes it easy for me to eat my awesome tacos at my Cinco de mayo fiesta tomorrow (only 3-5 points each, FYI).

The first couple of days are always a struggle for me to eat enough points. You would probably think the opposite. But, here is what happens. If I eat the crap I want to, I could burn through all my points in one meal. So, I have to think about my day and plan it out. What I find is that the food I normally like is either really high in points or really low. I can eat two cups of jello and it's only 1/2 point. Yogurt (3-4). My favorite Smart Ones meal has only 2 points (Grilled Chicken Santa Fe). Arby's Chicken, Bacon & Swiss (11). I'll miss you Arby's.

Project Fat Arse is back and being kicked into high gear. You can expect regular progress reports on Mondays. I can't wait!


  1. After a rude lady at WW meetings ticked me off (she literally gasped when I stepped on the scale at weigh-in and had gained 2 lbs. Nice.), I switched to the online program after two weeks of pouting. I must have forgotten everything I learned in those two weeks because my week won't reset until Saturday and I'm already almost out of bonus points-birthday cake will do that to you.
    I like the newer system better too.

  2. My next week's bonus points are going to be gone in a jiffy--we're going out to eat before our big Wiggles concert! Oh well.

    I had a rude lady at WW meetings, too! It was my first week and I lost 9 lbs. I was so excited! Then, she said that I wasn't supposed to do that and something was wrong and I wasn't following the program because there was no way I should have lost that much. Whatever, lady. After that first big week, I lost 1-2 lbs. like "normal".

  3. Jason has a bunch of relatives that love weight watchers and dropped about 300 pounds amongst them all, you go girl!

  4. PS. That rude lady sounds jealous!

  5. Actually, it is fairly common to drop more than the 1-2 lbs. that first week because your body hasn't figured out what you're doing to it yet and you are probably eating right for the first time in quite awhile. After the first week, everything adjusts. And this is what they TOLD me at a WW meeting. I would be thrilled with 9 lbs. Of course, I would be thrilled with 1 or 2 right now.

  6. Janet3:49 PM

    Good luck with PFA. I'm getting excited about the Wiggles concert, if only vicariously. I'll expect a long entry or two with all the details! Have a blast!

  7. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Congratulations on your new start! I've been counting calories with for several weeks and I just joined a gym. Hopefully we'll be able to lose together.


  8. Congratulations on joining WW. I've been doing it since December and I absolutely LOVE it!!

  9. Go, Christy, Go Christy, Go, Go, Go!

    Did I tell you that we got tickets to the Wiggles concert here?! It is May 17. Just M, N and I are going. B is wayyyyy tooooo old to do that. The Wiggles are so beneath him. I'm excited. Give us details afterward.

  10. You didn't mention the Wiggles, Tiffany!!! That's awesome. I know that you guys will have a blast! I'll give you all the details after the concert so you know which songs and dances to practice.