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Friday, May 19, 2006

Daily Adventures

Yesterday was a really fun day around here. Nothing too exciting happened, but for the most part we were happy. We were all downstairs and I was working on this new sock. It's Trekking XXL yarn (my Wiggle yarn---bought right before the Wiggle's concert) in colorway 107. It's absolutely gorgeous and I know I'll be buying more of this yarn in the future. Gradually the kids started to head upstairs. When this happens, I can guarantee that Caleb heads for the computer and Eva goes straight for the telephone. I can usually tell when they start to get into things that they're not supposed to so I'd give them a few minutes before I went up there to "police" them. I finished a couple of more rows on my sock (3X1 ribbing, btw) and then I started to hear the speakerphone. Yep, that's Eva. So predictable. Or so I thought. Here's what I found.
If Caleb is on the phone, where is Eva?

Those crazy kids. Caleb is starting to really like the camera. He starts posing whenever I bring it out. Here are a few of his closeups. The last one is especially for Uncle Eric.


  1. LOVE THE PICTURES. Highlight of my day!

  2. Ahhh, the joys of raising Caleb and Eva!! We cracked up when we read this one. (Actually, that's a common reaction.)

    You know, Christy, you express yourself very well in writing, and your sense of humor adds to the pleasure of reading your blog. Keep it up!

  3. love the pix of the kiddos they are sooo sweet. and i'm totally cracking up at them doing the opposite of what you thought.