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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Post #400

Can you all believe it? It's my 400th post. I'd like to celebrate by posting more pictures of the kids and telling you all how much I LOVE my new digital camera. It's the Canon PowerShot A620. I love how it works, sounds, looks, etc... I'm pretty excited about it.

So, for what most of you really of Caleb and Eva.

Caleb was taking a nap (I know, I can't believe it either!) yesterday and Eva and I started making dinner. We had the sister missionaries over and I was making the kids' favorite food...spaghetti. Eva likes to "help" around the kitchen. By help, I mean get in my way in as many ways as possible. I finally decided to empty out a cabinet and let her play in there. She loved it! Once Carl got home (he found her in the cabinet), he took Eva upstairs to get her out of my way. This girl has so many hobbies already! But, on to her most favorite thing to do of all... eat!When Caleb woke up, he decided he wanted to help out too. He likes to put on my oven mitts and give people hi-fives. What great kids!


  1. Hey! Congrats on the #400! Wow! I love the pics of the kids. I'd love a oven mitt high five. (Maybe he thinks people high five a little too hard?)

  2. I'm impressed you had a cabinet that needed cleaning out to have room for Eva. That must mean you are all unpacked ?????

    Love those pics of Carl. Oh, I mean those are cute kids :-).

  3. Yep, Tiff! My cabinets in the kitchen are FULL!!! We're not totally unpacked, though. I still have a lot of office supplies to put away, my craft room is still in boxes, and Carl needs to build some shelves in the basement. But...we'll be ready for you in July!!!

  4. What adorable pictures! (How could they be anything but adorable since the subjects are so cute!) I especially liked the cabinet idea. Maybe she'd like a big box to play in outside!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Darla1:50 PM

    So CUTE!
    These are fun times.
    Love Mom

  6. Such cute pictures! I think Caleb needs to pitch his oven mitt high five to Arby's! I wonder if I will ever get to 400... it seems a long way off.