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Monday, May 22, 2006

PFA Update

It's time for the ever popular weekly installment of Project Fat Arse. Folks, not my finest hour. One day was so bad that I shared a pizza with my kids (Eva eats the crust and Caleb can eat as much as I can). I also decided that one day I would try to make Haystacks. These are refrigerator cookies made from Fiber One, chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips. One cookie=one point. Eating twelve cookies in one day...not smart. Can't make those again! I got myself back on the wagon in time to lose 2 lbs. this week (a miracle, in my opinion). So, I'm back to the 4 lbs. down total since starting. I have a feeling I'm going to gain back those two lbs. this week. Here's what I have coming up:
1. Tonight I am going out w/ Carl for a business dinner. He's got some big presentation today to some railroad people so they'll give him research money and tonight they are going to Misty's (a steak house that I LOVE!).
2. Wednesday night I am going visiting teaching. That means only one thing. Ice Cream!
3. Thursday I leave (FINALLY) for my girls weekend in Breckenridge, CO. I have been looking forward to this for months and it is finally here! Don't expect me to be counting points while I'm there (although, Hollie and Mary can "try" to keep me in line a little bit). I think there is a refrigerator in our room so I might not do too horribly there.
Let's just say that you all shouldn't expect to see a lot of progress from me next Monday.

*coming soon* I've been unpacking my "craft heaven" and I'm going to be showing it off in my blog in the next couple of days. Just something to look forward to, Eric. :)

1 comment:

  1. Darla9:44 AM

    Have a great time!
    I can hardly wait to see craft heaven.