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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last Minute Idol Post

I decided to post this morning before I leave because I can't help but blog about the American Idol finale. It was by far the BEST one ever!

I think it helps that I absolutely love Taylor. He's been my favorite Idol since Clay Aiken. Wait...Clay didn't win. Oops. Speaking of about that guest appearance with his freaky little look a like? I didn't delete this episode just so I can watch Clay again (among other things...).

Other things? Like this surprise performance by PRINCE! What the heck? How did they get Prince to do AI? Probably because they let him just come out and sing and didn't make him talk to Ryan Seacrest or do a duet w/ an Idol.
Those were my favorite parts of the show. Let's just gloss over the lowlights (Meatloaf, Katherine trying to dance all goofy in a gown, Rhonetta---don't give that girl MORE airtime!).

Well folks, I'm outta here. I'll be back on Monday for more blogging! Have a great weekend because you know I will!


  1. Hey Christy! Have a great time in CO! My bro-in-law emailed me this morning (I won his AI pool/contest that he does every year! Woo Hoo!) and he asked if we noticed the fine print at the end that said that 2nd video actually wasn't Rhonetta but was a comedic actor? I was totally fooled. I'll have to go back and look for it!

  2. katherine and meatloaf was perhaps the greatest performance of all time. taylor sucks!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, I could tell it wasn't Rhonetta.
    Happy Birthday, btw! Sorry I missed it.