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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Picture Day

Today is picture day for our family. We're having our family shots done by dean casey photography. Here is how crazy I am...

I don't know what we're wearing.
I'm getting a haircut today (could be a disaster!).
Eva's getting her first haircut today.
We shaved Caleb's head yesterday.

Even with all of that, I'm pretty sure Casey & Deb can make as look better than we ever imagined.

Any styling tips for my family? We're doing an "urban" shoot. I mean, as urban as Lincoln gets. We're going to be down in the Haymarket. My backup plan is white t-shirts & khakis because we all have those. My kids look so awesome in color, though, so I'm going to be at the mall at 10am to try to find something suitable. Help a girl out here.

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