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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Day

Here are some pictures from yesterday. As you can imagine, we've been pretty busy around here so my blogging is a little more sporadic.

Just one more picture of Caleb and the ducks.

Trunk or Treat was last night. The kids had a great time. Caleb was limping all day so I was a little worried about his foot. I had Alan check it to help me decide whether or not I should take him to the doctor. The advice was to give him ibuprofen and if he was still bad in a couple of days to take him to the doctor. Today he was much better. He still is limping a bit but not nearly as bad as yesterday.


  1. I'm totally digging the color thing on your camera. Great costumes too.

  2. Looks like fun...FYI lots of good news and Smile video a riot over at cjane!