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Friday, October 10, 2008

Twelve Months in Twelve Minutes

This morning I thought I would put together my 2009 calendar from the Stampin' Up kit found in the holiday mini catalog. Here is what everything looks like that comes in the kit. It is only $7.95.

I checked the time it took to make this and including taking pictures, it was twelve minutes. Not bad! I also have a lot of leftovers to use on cards or to embellish this calendar when I'm ready.

There are a lot of ways to personalize this and it certainly doesn't have to be kept in the folder that comes with the kit.

I'm using mine as a mini scrapbook for the kids. I'm going to have one calendar for each of them. I'm going to use the back side of the calendar page for pictures and then the other side for journaling about that month. This is about as creative I'll be getting with scrapbooking for now.

I'm pretty proud of myself for having thought of this BEFORE 2009 starts. Now let's see if I remember I already made this.


  1. Sweet! That's cool that it doesn't take very long to put together. I ordered mine, but I am planning on using the On Board Book basics to make a front and back cover, and hen use the crop-o-dile to punch holes in the top to put small binder rings in. It will make it a book that you can stand upright like a tent when open.I love your idea though!

  2. Very cute! You're right - I would forget that I had made it also! Put it somewhere you will remember...don't you hate being on the ball?!