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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Winner

I attended a Walk Now for Autism awards banquet on Sunday afternoon to accept an award for our fundraising efforts. Thanks to all of you, Caleb now has a gold medal with his name on it. He loves it! I was also pretty lucky and won a little something for him.

Caleb's first bike! It is a little small. We had to raise up the seat and handlebars (see pic below) but it should be a great starter bike.

As you can see, he biked well into the evening hours. I think he likes it.


  1. I love to read how involved your family is with Autism events. It's such a worthy cause! I've always kind of wondered, where on the spectrum scale does Caleb fall? Is he high functioning or does he have Asperger's? (I'm interested because I have looked into Autism for Zach. We've decided that he is ADHD but so many of the symptoms are the same--the cause behind the symptoms are the main difference.) In any event, Caleb appears to be thriving and doing so well (of course there are the challenges...) He must have great parents. Kind of a long comment--I'm just very interested in all the brain, brain functions, and "disorders".

  2. Caleb's had a diagnosis of both Asperger's and high functioning autism. I think that the Asperger's diagnosis is probably inaccurate although he most likely falls somewhere in between. He really is doing so well now! Once we got his temper/rage under control (we use medication and therapy for that) he became a different kid. It is certainly interesting stuff, that's for sure!

  3. Yay Caleb!!! What a cutie! I love his headband.

  4. Hooray! You won the bike! I am so excited for you!Or, I guess for Caleb. Hooray Caleb!

  5. You mean a REAL gold medal? Not just a CD? Seriously, congrats! And sweet bike!