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Thursday, October 16, 2008


The green yarn won by a landslide! Out of 14 comments, 11 of you voted for it. So, looks like there is a green sweater in my future.

I wish I could have you all vote in all aspects of my life. I'm kind of in a treading water phase at the moment. I know what I have to get accomplished but instead of doing it, I'm doing NOTHING to avoid it. Okay, not "nothing", but close. I'm doing just about anything except what I should be. This paragraph is making no sense at all.


I'm stalling.

I'm about to take Eva to preschool and I MUST use that time to do the stuff I'm avoiding. Then, I can get on to doing the things that make me happy.


  1. Actually, I completely understand that paragraph. I do 'nothing' quite often when there are things I don't want to deal with. Maybe it's a coping technique? Maybe it's passive aggressive? Or maybe I just don't want to do anything. :)

  2. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly the something we should be doing.

    I love the green yarn!