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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hogwarts School of Sweeping and the Tina Turner Dance Academy

On Monday night I had to finish up dinner for the missionaries and the kids were full of energy. I decided to have them go outside to sweep up all the pine needles in our driveway.

They were so cute that instead of finishing dinner, I grabbed the camera.

Eva started out well enough.

Then she decided a little flying was in order. She's so good she can fly backwards.

Caleb quickly tired of flying and turned his attention to shadow dancing.

That kid sure can groove!


  1. Caleb has always had the ability to groove. I think that was what he spent most of his time doing when he was in nursery while we were in Indiana.

  2. Its in the blood :) Timothy is the same way no beat goes left alone. You always have to shake your booty!

  3. Great pics!

    How's Opperation Poopy Pants (OPP) coming?

  4. Sweet! Can I come over and do shadow dancing??