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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Picked It!

The Drops jacket with shawl collar started out strong but was quickly overtaken by Hey Teach later in the day. I tabulated the scores by giving a full point to the first sweater mentioned and 1/2 point if you had a second choice.

February Lady 5
Hey Teach 9
Ivy 2

And now, let's pick the yarn. I won't give you guys total control over this one because sometimes the yarn decides for itself that it doesn't want to work out. I promise to attempt to use whatever one gets the most votes first.

The pattern calls for a worsted weight cotton. I'm not entirely sure I want it made with cotton and after looking on ravelry, I can see that it looks great in just about any type of worsted weight yarn. So, here is what I have lying around that would fit the bill.

Cascade 220 in turquoise

Cascade 220 in my favorite green

Artful yarns Flora (cotton/rayon blend) in hibiscus

Speak now.


  1. I love, love, LOVE the green!!

  2. Anonymous7:15 AM

    First, I am glad Hey Teach won. I woould have voted if I didn't spend the enire afternoon driving my children everywhere.
    Next, I vote for the Artful yarns Flora because I think it will have the right drape for the pattern.

    Jane (JMJ765)

  3. I know nothing about how the yarn drapes, but I really like the green. Love all the bright colors.

  4. Carl votes for the Flora even though he knows I can't get enough green in my wardrobe.

  5. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I would choose green, with turquoise being a close second and flora coming in third.

  6. Green definately, it makes a great color for all seasons.

  7. I likes the green.

  8. I vote for the green too! Who can get too much green?

  9. I agree -- green. It's lovely.

  10. I like all of the colors! I don't know anything about yarn, but the turquoise is speaking to me.

  11. Janet8:27 PM

    If I were making it for myself, I would choose the blue, but all three are lovely. I think the green is the best for you.

  12. Green! I missed the pattern voting, but that's what I would have picked anyway!

  13. green would be loooovely!