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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time Out!

I just spent 24 hours with a bunch of crazy ladies! We had such a great time going to Time Out for Women in Omaha.

Last night we went out to eat at P.F. Changs. Serious yum. I didn't take a before picture---but here is our after. Not a lot left! Plus, we had appetizers (on P.F. Chang's dime since we had reservations but still had to wait over 30 minutes).

Highlights of the evening:

Corinne, Mary Ann, and Tracy being paranoid that I was writing down blog fodder in my notebook. I was really just writing down color inspirations from Pottery Barn that I can use on my cards! I don't need to write down the stuff they did that was hilarious.

I didn't hear the whole sentence but what I did hear Corinne say was, "......i.e. Jack!". I love it when people use i.e. in sentences.

At P.F. Chang's we saw a guy run face first into the glass door. Yes, we laughed. He even left a nose mark! He was okay.

In the hotel Mary Ann said something and found something that I can't blog about. But, it was hilarious.

The hotel was nice but we had four people to a room with only double beds. I slept okay. Hope I didn't snore too loudly. ;)

The hotel gives out cookies before bed.

We got up and spent the day at the conference and it was so wonderful. The talks were great, I took some notes, cried a bit, bought a book, ate the best hamburger ever (the Maverick @ The Old Mattress Company Bar & Grill), got some knitting done.

Oh yeah, and everyone that was with us thought it would be funny to point at me when it was my camera's turn for the picture. Ha ha.

Thanks a lot.

Not long after this was taken, a blog intervention was staged for me. Don't be hatin'. Y'all are just jealous that you don't have 10 blogs, too!

There is more but the kids are done with their baths and I'm ready to snuggle with them for the rest of the night! Time in!


  1. you are so on top of it! Already blogged and done! It was a fabulous time.

  2. Ten? I can hardly keep up with one. Bless your overachieving heart.

  3. Oh, I so wish I could have come!With the events of my week, it turned out best that I didn't, although I am sure I probably really needed it!I am glad you had a good time!

  4. Hey, you said you weren't going to blog about my i.e.!!(I knew you were secretly taking notes on us)What a great weekend. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time...good times :)

  5. I had so much FUN! This should be a yearly ritual. And we were serious about the blog intervention - we are just starting you off slowoly;)

  6. That looked like so much fun!