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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Popcorn Balls

My mom bought a box of popcorn balls at the store yesterday. She told me the last time she bought a box she ate them all by herself in just a couple of days.

I am my mother's daughter.

They aren't gone yet but I'm certainly doing some damage.


  1. Ooo. I'm the same way with puffed rice balls. Till I'm ill.

  2. Ah..hem...what happened to your new eating plan?

  3. Good question! I figured I'd be fighting a losing battle here in Oklahoma. Other than the popcorn balls, I'm doing okay. Oh wait. There were some incidents with homemade sourdough pancakes and bread. Tomorrow is another day!

  4. That right there is exactly why I don't buy popcorn balls. :D

  5. At least they are only 100 calories a piece. It could be worse, they could be chocolate chip cookies or donuts or. . . OK, I'll stop.

  6. I love that you said you are your mother's daughter! I think that about myself all the time.