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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes on Caleb's big accomplishment. There were a lot of questions in the comments that I thought I'd answer today and also give a brief explanation of how it all went down yesterday.

Q: Was it the Miralax?

I'm certain the Miralax played a huge role in this. However, I didn't give him any yesterday. I was so tired of cleaning up runny poop messes that I thought I would give him at least the morning off from the laxative and maybe give him some when he was home from piano lessons. I ended up not having to give him any but I'm sure that his poop was still so soft that it was hard for him to hold it in like he usually does. I had him sit on the potty about 10 minutes after we ate dinner. We played rock, paper, scissors for a few minutes and then we heard some plops. Caleb got so excited! Let me tell you, I was too!

Q: Did you dance?


Q:What did you do to celebrate?

A couple of years ago when we first started potty training, I got a toy for Caleb. It is one of those ball poppers. That was his favorite toy whenever we went to visit my mom. He has known since then that if he goes poop in the potty, he can play with the balls. As soon as the dancing and high fiving ended, he looked at me and said with great excitement, "I GET TO PLAY WITH THE BALLS!". So, we got down the balls. Carl came home right as I was getting ready to turn it on. Caleb was SO HAPPY! Eva was happy, too. She said, "Tank You, Mommy! I having so much fun now!".

I also promised Caleb pizza and ice cream. We had pizza for dinner last night and I'll probably go get him an ice cream cone sometime today.

Q: I love Eva's sweater. Did you knit it?

Oh yes, I did! Here's a post I wrote about it.

Eva was super excited for Caleb to poop on the potty. She gave him lots of hugs and kisses. When we made some phone calls last night she made sure to tell people that she goes poop in the potty, too!

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  1. Did you ever think you'd be so happy about someone pooping in the potty? Or that you would write several blog posts about poop and get numerous congratulatory comments? It's amazing what becomes "normal" when you're a parent.

    PS My word verification word is 'rowboy'--struck me as funny.