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Friday, September 01, 2006

Things I Want

Here's a list of things I want and probably won't get for a while. Time to dream.

1. Computer Desk. We were REALLY close to buying this last night. We went to the store and everything. But, Carl wanted to "sleep" on it. 2. The KIPer knitting bags from KnitPicks. I think I'm actually going to get these sometime soon. I'm also getting the chart keeper. I was going to make my own but I went to several different stores to scope out the supplies and it would cost me as much to make as it would to just buy it. So, I can now use the time I would have used to make it--to knit!

3. Bedroom furniture. I don't have a picture to share of this because I don't know what I want yet.

4. Living Room furniture. Some day I want a sleeper sofa that is new and matches my house.

5. Tile in the kitchen. We bought the tile. Now we just need the time to install it.

6. The Stampin' Up starter kit. I'm actually getting this next week. I'm not really doing this to do a lot of workshops or make money (in fact, I'd only like to do one a quarter--to help meet my quota). I'm mainly doing this to get my stamps and supplies at a better price since I almost exclusively use their products anyway. I am also going to start making my own knitting tags and cards to sell on The Bead Retreat idea was too hard to get into with the kids always spilling my beads. The QueenBead will be back when my kids are in school.

7. Target brand Nilla Wafers. They are less than 1/2 the price of name brand NW and they taste the best out of all the "generic" kind. Nilla Wafers are still the bomb, but why pay that much when I like the Target kind almost as much? I wish I had some right now.

8. World Peace.

9. A trailer for my bike. I bought a bike two months ago and haven't ridden it yet because I haven't had the time without the kids. If I had a trailer, I could take Eva while Caleb is in school. I could even haul around both kids if I wanted.

10. Smaller, cute clothes and the bod to fit in them. How about just cuter clothes that I can fit in right now? That would work.


  1. Do you want your sexy back too?

    If I knew what I was getting into out here I would have given you my bike thingy. There really isn't anywhere I can ride out here. There is one paved trail but I have to drive the bike and pulley thingy to even get there.

    Oh, and Wal-mart have a really nice desk and file cabinet and armoire set. I'll e-mail you a picture.

  2. It's the Ccfd xottage Home Collection.

  3. Cottage Home Collection...sorry. Mckenzie was hitting the keyboard and I didn't notice what she did:)

  4. Want to dream? Try

  5. Deanna2:47 PM

    Well Christy I know how the dreaming goes... I have been canning and making jam from peaches in our front yard and don't have much time for anything else. I have been purchasing to making the basement the best kids playroom ever so they will spend there time down there. As for furniture in general I recommend going to a place that will be having a labor day sale!! This means great financing deals!! We bought all of our new furniture couch, love seat armoire library table for under 2,000 and had two years with no intrest to pay for it.( when we moved in 2002. We are about to move that furniture to the basement and get leather for the living room! Guess what no payments for 2yrs and no interest till 2010! This is with Ashley furniture. SO tell car to let you dream and make it happen you both deserve it. You could save and buy in 3 yrs or enjoy now and start paying with no interest. Just my 2 cents. Check the last minute yard sales for a bike trailer. Also freecycle post that you are looking for one.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up about the Nilla wafers. This is a good idea for a post. Maybe I'll try it next week.

  7. Deanna-we're trying to get out of debt ASAP and we're on track for next summer. Then, we should be able to get new furniture. I shouldn't be in too big of a hurry. The kids ruin anything that's nice anyway.

  8. Why would you want a new computer desk? The one you have now rocks.