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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Fans of So You Think You Can Dance will know that Twitch likes to wear glass frames with nothing in them. At Lost in Fun today, Caleb put on the glasses for the 3-D mini golf and didn't want to take them off. Oh yeah, and he has on his hairband (it is red w/ white polka dots and he thinks he is a pirate). My kids are awesome.


  1. That is TOTALLY Twitch!! I love it! Now put on some tunes and let him rock the dance moves!!

  2. Cool!! My two love glasses and always wearing them.
    Spooky that you are in Lincoln...I am 20 miles away from Lincoln in the fact I go to the Lincoln knitting group.
    Thanks for commenting. I *will* find out who is looking at my blog from Turkey ;)

  3. Ha ha, I so love it! Twitch is one of my favs, I was so bummed last year when he didn't make it. Happy when he came back this year!


  4. When Nova was little, she wore sunglasses with no lenses ALL the time. I definitely think Caleb looks more Twitch-like, though.