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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talk About Tuesday

Today's Talk About Tuesday post is all about tampons. Okay, not quite. Stay with me here. When I buy tampons (usually Tampax), I get a big assorted box. Inside of that box are 3-4 sizes of tampons and they are usually separated by size in little boxes. Those little boxes are perfect for organizing!

The boxes come in different sizes and I love to use them to organize my baskets. I have this basket in my kitchen and I use it as my bill paying center.

Did you notice the little box holding my pens and my stamps? Now I don't have to go fishing around the bottom of the basket looking for those things that I need every time I pay bills or want to write a note.

This next photo shows another box. It is one of the bigger boxes and I use it to hold a calculator and my extra pair of glasses. It also helps as a buffer between a couple of my sections in the basket.
I'm building up a little stash of these boxes because I have some big ideas for them! They aren't exactly the prettiest boxes but think of all the decoupaging possibilities! If you plan on using them as stand alone storage, they would be really easy to decorate.
No one ever needs to know that you're organizing with tampon boxes. Unless you're like I am and you blog about it.

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  1. Oh, Christy - you crack me up! :)

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    So clever!

  3. We promise not to tell your secret ;)

  4. Christy....that's such a good idea, I bet they would be cute covered in the idea.

  5. That is a great idea. I like trying to use, and decorate, boxes that I have on hand instead of buying something. Those look like they are great sizes for some good organizing.

  6. See, my boxes are not blank like yours...mine would announce to everyone what they originally contained. Sadly, I don't have enough self-confidence to allow that to happen!! :)

    ~ Sarah

  7. Janet7:29 PM

    You're not the only one to use those inside boxes for other things...! That's a great way to organize your baskets.

  8. I love those boxes too!! But have never used them for other purposes! - you're an inspiration :)