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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things are Good

I don't think I've said it yet on my blog but my kids have been SO GOOD this summer.
Last year was particularly rough on our family. Caleb was a little out of control. Eva was well into her two year old self. I was at my wits end. It wasn't fun. At all. After a particularly trying two week period, I called the doctor. I told the nurse that someone needed to be medicated in our or Caleb. It turns out that the medication for Caleb works wonders. From the first couple of weeks, we noticed a dramatic change in his focus and behavior. It was like we were a new family. A family that like to play and have fun together.

We've kind of settled into a great routine around here. Things are still rough. In fact, yesterday wasn't the greatest. But, compared to last year---yesterday would have been a GOOD day. It's all about perspective.

Here are some great things about this summer:

1. No diapers. Eva is fully trained. Caleb---not so much. HOWEVER...he only poops in his pants at home. He can hold it. At least I know I won't have to try to clean out his pants in a store or something.

2. Speaking of stores--I can take them both at the same time (usually). Last summer I couldn't take them places unless I had them strapped into a stroller or I could keep my hands on them at all times. Caleb was a runner. He still is a little bit---but at least now he knows not to run straight into the street (usually). I never knew how other parents could have more kids than arms. Now I'm starting to see how that might be possible (for other people).

3. Chatting. Caleb and Eva are so much more verbal and we're able to communicate better. They can tell me what they want instead of crying and throwing a fit (usually). They talk to each other.

4. Playing together. The kids like to play together (usually). The trick is to find something they are both willing to play at the same time (the main problem from yesterday).

5. Seat belt masters. The kids can finally get into the car themselves. I was talking with Tiffany yesterday about this and what a major milestone this is (for me). They get in, buckle themselves up, and stay in their seats! I absolutely love it. I also got smart and cleaned out my car. Now we have a basket in the middle of their seats full of their toys. They can reach them and now I don't have to dig around every time we get in the car to find their "car toys". Fabulous.

Things are good.


  1. Christy- I'm so glad to hear that things are going well. I cannot imagine going through all that you go through. You are an amazing woman. I'm impressed with your positive attitude. That's awesome!

  2. Good job, Christy! You're right - it's all about perspective. I'll remember that the next time I have a rough day with my boys.

  3. It's so helpful to have the perspective of time and to notice improvement. I like your positive attitude. I'm sure it makes a lot of difference.

    They are 2 cute little frogs!