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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project 365

07/07/08University Place Safari clue.

07/08/08Talk about Tuesday picture.

07/09/08Morrill Hall Safari clue. (Caleb is wearing a different red shirt than the one on Monday.)

07/10/08Playdate at Trendwood Park. (Yes, Caleb is wearing the same clothes as the day before.)

07/11/08Shoemaker Marsh Safari clue. (I talked Caleb into wearing a green shirt on this day.)

07/12/08A windbreaker I ripped apart so I could make a tote bag. Anyone know how I can sew nylon on my regular sewing machine?

Fabric I cut out for a bag to make once I realized that I have no idea how to sew nylon.


  1. I would just stick it in the machine and have at it. You might want to pin the heck out of it to keep it from slipping around. Or, iron on some fusible interfacing. (Don't put the iron directly on the nylon, of course! :)

  2. I stuck it in the machine and it wouldn't go! I just got caught in the needle and pushed down by the bobbin. I might try using some iron on interfacing. I have some of that and it isn't too stiff. I want this bag to fold up really tiny to stick in my purse.

  3. Maybe you could try dropping the presser foot so it doesn't grip the nylon as it passes under the needle. Just a thought.

    And Christy, you are amazing. How do you cope with having so much going on all the time?

  4. Gigi--this is how I cope. I think I need to be in therapy again! ;)

  5. Try putting strips of tissue paper in between the fabric and the foot. It's a bit of a PITB, but it'll keep the foot ftom sticking.