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Thursday, May 22, 2008

You're Welcome!

This bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries and balloon showed up at my door yesterday. It seriously made my day. It was a gift from a friend. This is what I do for her that made her think that she should send me this awesome gift:

I get up about 30 minutes earlier than normal 2 days a week.
I drive less than a mile to her house.
I sit in the peace and quiet while her children sleep and she goes to work for an hour.
I knit.
I read the Ensign.
I lay down on her couch.
I don't have to get Caleb ready for school (thanks, Carl!).
I enjoy the silence.

I try to let her know what a great joy it is for me to do this. I kind of feel like she's the one doing me the favor. I accept the gift knowing that she appreciates my "sacrifice" and I just say, "You're welcome".


  1. I wish I could make that kind of sacrifice for someone.


  2. Yummy yummy
    Did you get my comment... we are hoping to head your way on June
    15th. Does this work for you guys. We want to see the sights and have changed our overall plans- after visiting we will come back to Indiana for a week long bike ride and then head toward MI or NY.

  3. wow that's wonderful!

  4. Sign me up for that kind of service, sounds great!