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Monday, July 23, 2007

Where Has the Time Gone?

The day is half over and I haven't blogged yet!

Here is what's new:

1. Caleb has a loose tooth. Wendy, my tooth guru, told Carl that everything was okay and he's probably just going to start losing his teeth earlier than expected. I did some checking around online and there are other 4 1/2 year olds that this has happened to so I'm not as freaked out as I was before. It just doesn't seem right that my kid can already be losing teeth!

2. Caleb started swim lessons today. He freaked out only because we had to wait to get into the pool. Once he was in there he was a pro! Hopefully now that he knows the routine, he'll be better for me. I did have to use some creative rewards (aka: bribes) to get him out of the pool and into his dry clothes.

3. Carl has his flight to France booked and he leaves tomorrow afternoon. He had to reschedule one appointment and push back another but it looks like everything is going to be fine. All he has really missed is his free time in Rouen (where he served for several months on his mission). I missed out on sock yarn, too. Small price to pay for having my husband here this weekend. I needed that.

4. We scored a free bunk bed. I've been looking for one for ages. By ages I mean about a month. I don't know for sure yet if it can be two stand alone beds or not.

5. I'm working hard on getting all of my county fair and state fair entries finished. The county fair entrants need to be turned in on the 30th and the state fair ones are due on the 16th of August.


  1. I started losing baby teeth when I was four. It was no big deal -- it just meant that I spent a couple of extra years with over-sized adult teeth in my tiny head that made me look like a jack-o-lantern until my head "grew into" them. It also meant that I got my 12-year molars when I was nine and my wisdom teeth when I was 15 (completely grown in, before I even started my junior year of high school, and there they remain today). It was actually kind of gratifying to be an early bloomer in at least one area, as I developed quite late in every other way.

  2. I sure wish Emily's front right tooth would fall out. It's dying and turning all greyish/brownish. Very ugly. It's because of her swimming pool accident. Can you believe our kids are really this old already?

  3. Yeah! Loose teeth! (really, I've seen "barely" 4 year olds with loose teeth. . .at least Caleb has the space for permanent teeth!)

    Yeah! Swimming! I'm so glad it went well!

    Yeah! France! (well, at least he won't be gone as long right?)

    Yeah! Bunk beds! Even if they're not meant to come apart, that's nothing a chainsaw couldn't fix right?

    Yeah! State Fair ribbons!

  4. Janet8:08 PM

    Good luck with the fairs. You deserve some more ribbons.