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Friday, July 13, 2007


I went grocery shopping yesterday while Ashley was here with the kids. I was in desperate need of replenishing our stores. I didn't even have any FLOUR or paper towels! The horror. I know.

I went to my new grocery store of choice--Russ's. I got everything on my list but was also open to some impulse buying because our fridge was pretty empty. I noticed some Hormel refrigerated prepared meat. That sounds gross. They are really just packages of stuff like shredded beef in salsa and beef brisket that are already cooked and all you have to do is warm them up and add your own sides. They are regularly around $7 so I never bother. But, Russ's had them on sale for $3.98. I thought I'd give them a go since it might be nice to have that around while Carl is gone so I don't have to cook as much. I bought 3 (the previously mentioned ones plus a chicken breast). I'm always in the habit of checking my receipt from there because they will pay you the full price of anything that comes up as an overring. Do you see where I'm going with this?

They had to pay me $21 and let me keep the product because they rang up as $7 and not at the $3.98 price. Woohoo. They are so friendly and the store is so clean that I almost hate to be so happy about the incompetence of their pricing.

I also got some huge boxes of Fruit Loops for $2 that were on closeout because they have Shrek the Third on them.

Oh yeah, and green grapes are $.98 a pound.

It makes me not miss my mouse-ridden Super Saver at all!


  1. Way to go Christy!
    HyVee has that same policy also. I always to check if I got my sale stuff at the sale price. I like Russ's too. Did you go to 33rd and Hwy 2? They have remodeled and are "spiffed up".

  2. Yep, 33rd & Hwy 2. Thanks, Marsha, for the yarn tip! A lot of it was gone by the time I got over there but she did have some nicer stuff balled up at the bottom that I took.

  3. Wow, that is awesome! Makes me want to shop at Russ's and hope they ring up a lot of my groceries wrong.

  4. Maybe you should try buying one of everything on sale to see how much money you can make grocery shopping! Enjoy your food they paid you to buy :-).

  5. Once at the Walmart in Indiana we found some boxes of chocolates with the wrong price and we got them for free and then we went back the next day and they were still wrong so we got another box. haha.

    Nice work on winning free groceries. That's always fun.

  6. Janet5:44 PM

    It pays to read the fine print....! Good job, Christy.