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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lil' Swimmer

I had Carl swim with Caleb yesterday during his lesson so I could snap some pictures. He is really doing such a good job. Today they put the floaty belts on and Caleb went to the deepest part of the shallows where he couldn't really touch and started kicking around and telling everyone he was a fish. He was so proud of himself when he was swimming on his own.

I think his sensory issues are enough that he will not like putting his ears underwater...ever. That's okay. I don't either. I just want him to be proficient enough to enjoy swimming for leisure.

I signed up Eva for a session of swim lessons. They will overlap next week so I'll have Caleb with lessons in the morning and then I'll have to put my suit on again in the evening (Mon/Wed) for Eva. I don't know if Caleb will pass the Perch class this time around. He has to be able to jump in and swim the length of the shallow end of the pool by himself with a floaty belt.

In other news:

I can't decide whether or not to take my kids to the Omaha Zoo this afternoon. I think I will. They are open late for members tonight and they are giving out free train passes.

My reefer sweater will be finished by tomorrow. I only have 4 more rows to go on the ruffle edge along the bottom. That doesn't sound like a lot but I think there are over 400 stitches (estimate). I should easily finish it up tonight after the kids are in bed.

I haven't heard from Carl yet but I'm sure he is suffering from horrible jet lag and he probably isn't even settled into his hotel yet since he went straight from the airport to his meetings.

The bunk bed is now two separate beds and they are set up in their rooms. They LOVED going to bed in their new beds. Before their mattresses had just been on the floor. It is nice now to have beds and it is motivating me to now decorate their rooms and organize them like I want.

1 comment:

  1. So glad that Caleb is enjoying the swimming. Also glad that Carl got off -- he will be exhausted. Also good news about the beds! It's just win, win, win today!!Hope you enjoyed the zoo despite the heat!