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Saturday, July 21, 2007

We'll Always Have Paris

It looks like Carl might be getting out of here after all. He secured a Monday morning appointment at the passport office in Aurora, CO. He's out running around town getting new passport photos made and getting stuff from his office. He's got me busy trying to find flights for him. I think I found a pretty good option. I'm going to miss him but I'm SO GLAD he's going to finally be able to go.

We're still not totally out of the woods yet. Until he has a passport in his hands we are holding our breath. But, we are somewhat optimistic that he'll actually be able to make his appointments on Wednesday.


  1. Any bets that after all this extra stuff his passport will arrive Monday. I hope he does make it for his Wednesday appointments.

  2. PHEW !! Glad things will work out! I will cross my fingers he gets the passport in time. In my case, if I hadn't had the help of the lady at my Congressman's office, I would have missed my vacation!!!

    I have heard if you just show up at your local gov passport agency without an appointment, they WILL take you. Esp if you have flight itinerary in hand!! So make sure he prints that out and takes it with him. (that is what my boyfriend did when he lost his passport!!)

  3. I so miss Paris now .... Our exchange student just called yesterday... I hope to go back at some point.... Oh yeah I forget I now have 3 small childre *laughs* Maybe for our 20th Wedding anniversaire. Did you check my latest phot on the blog? Samuel is so GREAT!!!