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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lizard Ridge---Here I Come!

I just won an eBay auction for with more than enough assorted Noro Kureyon yarn to make this afghan. After shipping each skein is going to cost just over $5.

While I was shopping yesterday, I thought I'd check out the sellers other auctions and I snatched up some of this Katia Mexico. This I got for just over $3.50 a ball. I've never worked with this yarn before but I loved the colors, the price, and the name.

Carl called this morning during one of Caleb's meltdowns. It was so loud and violent that I couldn't talk with him and I told him I'd call him back when it was over. I think he was feeling sorry for me because when I told him about all the money I've spent on yarn in the past two days he didn't seem too concerned. I have been warning him that I wanted to get yarn for Lizard Ridge and it would be a substantial sum so when I told him I got it for over $3 off per skein I think he was rather pleased.

While I'm on the subject of Carl...he's having a good time in France. He's at Mont St. Michel today and is only slightly disappointed in the touristy-ness of it. He gets home on Tuesday night. It will certainly be great to have him back at home! Eva's been super cranky today (Caleb has been his normal self---ticking time bomb) and has a bit of a fever. Thankfully, she's down for a nap at the moment. I'm going to take the rest of this quiet time I have (Caleb's watching Max & Ruby) to lie down. Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I love that throw! I loved it the first time you had it on your blog site. I was actually thinking of taking up knitting again until you told me I had to use the special yarn to get the colors in the right spots! Keep up the good work.

  2. Janet8:46 PM

    That throw will be gorgeous! Good shopping. I'm sorry to hear that the kids gave you a hard time today. I hope Eva is feeling better soon.

  3. Marsha--I'm going to have some extra skeins if you still want to make it! I also read through the pattern a little more and there is a way to do it without using Noro yarn but the look will be a bit different. You just have to use multiple skeins of different colors. Will this entice you enough to start knitting again? Want to join the Lincoln Knitters? We're a pretty fun bunch.