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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blue Cardigan

It seems I have a case of finish-itis (don't try to say that word out loud without the dash!). I actually had this blue cardigan finished a few weeks ago but it needed the ends woven in and to be blocked. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It seems that I can get a lot of knitting stuff done after the kids go to bed when I neglect every other thing that I need to do around the house--like take out the trash, pick up the toys, put away laundry, etc...

The pattern "Marnie" is from the book Hot Knits. It has all over cables and in the pattern in calls for them to all be twisted the same way. I thought this looked a little lame so I alternated the twists every other repeat so it looks like it is creeping up (or down, as it were) the cardi. It is a shame that I really stink at photography and can't get the details of the stitches to show up. Maybe I need to take a class?

The other thing I changed about the pattern is I added the attached i-cord edge all the way around. It gives it a nice finished look and with that I think I have avoided adding the one button at the top. Having a one button enclosure just makes the bosoms look bigger and that is a feature I just don't need.

The yarn I used is the Lily Chin Chelsea that I purchased from Threads. I really can't stand this yarn and I'm glad to be done knitting with it. The feel just wasn't right. But, it does knit up into a nice fabric and it feels better after being washed.

I had a little bit of a dilemma but I'm pretty sure that I know what I'm going to do. I can only enter this or the Reefer into the fair--not both. I only signed up for one adult sweater because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish the Reefer in time. Now that it is finished, I have the option of entering that one instead. Here is why I'm thinking I won't enter Reefer--it just doesn't look that great when it isn't on a person. I don't know if the judge will be able to appreciate it if it is just lying on some table. The cardigan is much more straightforward and has some cables for added interest. Plus, I can't really wear the blue cardi right now but I can wear the Reefer.


  1. Tough choice - which to enter. You said the reefer doesn't look as good off but I think the reefer really looks nice in the picture. I don't know how they judge and you probably know what the judges are looking for or at (I know you are not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition but how about two prepositions.) They are both beautiful!! Good luck.

  2. I LOVE the cardigan the most! I think that it's beautiful! Wish I had one. Good luck at the fair.

  3. love it! It will definitely be comfy this fall! You are super talented!

  4. Love the cardigan - your blog is inspiring me to maybe take up knitting this fall. Maybe I'll have my grandma teach me when I see her this October. (Because what I really need is another distraction!)

    Funny - I need the one button enclosure feature on every shirt I own. :)

  5. First things first. Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself after the little ones are down for the night. If that means sitting on your duff so you can finish a project while there's a bit of mess waiting for you, so be it. It can wait till morning, it will still be there and one or two nights like that doesn't reflect on your overall housekeeping skills.

    Secondly, I've used the Chelsea to knit cancer socks. I'm not big on cotton, but these were for a friend who was participating in the Susan G. Koman cancer walk. While she can knit, socks confuddle her and she wanted pink hand-knit socks for each night of the 3-day event. I didn't care for working with the yarn, but they did turn out a nice pair of socks that were uber skooshy-- perfect for tired feet. So, I know what you mean about that yarn.

    Thirdly, I'd enter the cabled cardi. (Of course, I'm still hoping that you'll wear the Reefer to WP on Saturday.)

  6. I love the reefer. I just love it. I'll understand if you prefer to win with the cardigan instead of winning with the reefer, but I love the reefer.